In 1941, 19 year old Edith Carr wrote a fan letter to Percy Keese Fitzhugh. Below is a scan of the letter that Percy sent in reply as well as the full text of the letter.





Percy Keese Fitzhugh

               HACKENSACK  ORADELL



August 22, 1941


My dear Miss Carr


 I am sorry that this reply to your friendly and complementary letter has been deferred so long.


Since you speak about your favorite among my characters, it may interest you know that Hervey Willetts is my own favorite.


No I have not written any stories for some time for, alas, I am not like my characters - I cannot stay young forever.


To answer your question about the first Tom Slade story: This was originally a photo play and the scenario, as they call it, was given to me to me to put in the form of a story. I did not follow the movie script very closely, and there was indeed no resemblance between the story and the screen version. The photo play has long since been forgotten, but the book was popular for many years and became the initial story in the long series of Tom Slade books. Some of my stories have lately been published in cheap editions and the one you mention is among them.


You seem to be a little puzzled about several titles mentioned in "Who's Who" which you cannot find in the stories. In one or two instances the titles have been changed after being given to "Who's Who" which is an error to be corrected in subsequent editions.


I am afraid I cannot help you find the books you want and would suggest that you consult a book dealer in your neighborhood who can procure them for you if they are not out of print. Or you might write direct to the publishers.


Thank you very much for the kind things you say and I am always hoping that, if my health permits, I shall write more. I am always glad to know when my stories appeal to grown people, so I am pleased that your father also enjoys them. You do not mention your own age, but I assume from your interesting letter that you perhaps are grown up also - or perhaps of High School age.


I send a picture of myself and thank you again.



Percy Keese Fitzhugh


EC19.jpg     Photo

                                    Edith Carr age 19

This Timeline is based on information gathered from several sources such as birth, death, marriage, and census records as well as copyright data.









The Golden Rod Story-Book

The Story of Ethan Allen, the Green Mountain Boy

The Story of General Anthony Wayne (Mad Anthony), the Hero of Stony Point

The Story of General Johann De Kalb

The Story of General Richard Montgomery; Tale of the Invasion of Canada

The Story of John Paul Jones



The Story of General Francis Marion (The Bayard of the South)

The Story of a Fight from Concord Bridge to a Field at Yorktown (Hugh Lloyd)



The Galleon Treasure

King Time; or, the Mystical Land of the Hours

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From Appomattox to Germany: Pictures of the Great Events in a Wonderful Half-Century


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Pee- wee Harris in Luck
Pee- wee Harris Adrift


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Pee-wee Harris, Fixer
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Roy Blakeley on the Mohawk Trail
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Pee-wee Harris Mayor for a Day
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Hervey Willetts


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Blakeley Happy-Go-Lucky Hike
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The Mysterious Arab [Hal Keen] (Hugh LLOYD)

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the Clue at Skeleton Rocks [Hal Keen] (Hugh LLOYD)


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the Lost Mine of the Amazon [Hal Keen] (Hugh LLOYD)


The Mystery at Dark Star Ranch [Hal Keen] (Hugh LLOYD)
Among the River Pirates [Skippy Dare] (Hugh LLOYD)

Held for Ransom [Skippy Dare] (Hugh LLOYD)
Prisoners in Devil's Bog [Skippy Dare] (HUGH LLOYD)